Zubin…It’s like Rubin with a Z

I grew up in an international home where my parents encouraged me to become a lifelong learner. This led me to became obsessed with exploring new territories and taking chances.

While at Georgetown, my international curiosity brought me to China and Spain — and that’s where my first business budded. I noticed how difficult it was for students to stay connected, and in a moment of inspiration (or maybe FOMO?) I decided to start a company that sold cell phones and SIM cards to students studying abroad.

After failing miserably, I became obsessed with learning the intricacies of starting a business. I joined the largest student-run business in the U.S. called the Corp (Vital Vittles 4 lyfe), and ended up leading a student group called Innovo Solutions that consulted for startups with a social mission. After realizing the best way to become a successful entrepreneur was to join a supportive community, I became a Venture for America Fellow.

I kicked off his career with VFA in New Orleans working for a company called IDScan.net, which provides driver’s license and ID scanning software to large enterprises. Since then, I’ve worked on several projects including a 48-hour hackathon for musicians, an online rental bidding platform, and a business that provides more opportunities for kids to play youth sports called LeagueSide.

I love all of the projects I’ve worked on, but I love the communities I’ve been a part of even more:

  • My friends in Dallas taught me empathy and the power of caring for others.
  • Georgetown and DC exposed me to people from all across the world and helped me become a more aware citizen.
  • Venture for America and New Orleans have given me the tenacity and spirit to pursue things I’m passionate about.

Here are some project I’ve worked on. Every single one reminds me that people don’t build things, communities do.