Positivity in Meetings

Building positivity into meetings

It’s been written about a lot recently, but the power of being positive and staying grateful on a day-to-day basis is extremely important in making sure you’re happy and healthy.

However, I think the importance of these same principles is greatly overlooked in business. The bottom line is startups are hard. It’s important to be conscious of how the grind of startup life affects you, your co-founders, and most importantly your employees.

So how do you stay positive when things get tough? One way is to build structured times of reflection and positivity into your meetings. We’re still working on this every day, but here are some ways we engrain positivity and gratitude in our LeagueSide meetings:

  • Morning standup – This is a chance to huddle as a team and plan our days together. Sometimes the hard part of working at a startup is everyone is focused on something different and you lose the cohesiveness of a team. That’s why a face-to-face check-in every morning is important to make sure we all recognize we’re an integral part of a larger mission.
  • Gametape (a recap of the day) – This is an end of the day meeting where we get the chance to reflect on whether we accomplished our goals for the day, what we need help with, and most importantly what our highlight of the day was. This gives us time to reflect and end every day on a high note. Even when days are tough, there’s always something good to pull out of it.
  • Tailgate – On Friday, everyone regroups and recaps the week in a relaxed setting. We talk about highs, lows, and what we’re looking forward to the next week. This is a time of reflection and transparency. We really dig deep into the metrics for the week and how we can improve those. It’s also an opportunity to talk about the good and the bad, so we can get a pulse of how everyone is feeling. Plus, tailgates are pretty fun :)

These are just a couple of small ways we try to ingrain gratitude and positivity in our meetings. What are some of your favorite ways to accomplish this?

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