How to sell as an introvert

We all know that person. It’s the super confident and outgoing person who is a real hustler. They are loud, aggressive, and know how to work a crowd. They are in every way the quintessential salesperson.

However, the notion that these people become the best salespeople is one of the biggest misconceptions about sales.

Welcome to Sales 2.0 where introverts rule the world. 

It’s shocking, but the best salespeople, especially in B2B sales, are not the archetypal used car salesman; they are actually the quiet introverts that keep to themselves. Why? Because introverts are amazing listeners.

Want to become an introverted closer? Here are a couple of ways to leverage your strengths when selling:

  1. Ask questions and listen – You need to find the best possible solution for your customer. If you don’t properly understand the problem and all of the underlying issues, then you can’t sell anything. You should be silent and ask a bunch of questions to properly uncover the problem first (I recommend a book called Spin Selling to see how this is done). This is your greatest strength, so make sure you use it.
  2. Handle objections – Objection handling is a key part of the sales process. Customers are going to have different obstacles in their way. It’s your job to anticipate these objections beforehand and come prepared with a plethora of materials to address these issues as they arise.
  3. Sell by doing – This is key for introverts. You need to show that you’re confident in your product or service. If you’re not a confident speaker, that’s okay!!  Show, don’t not tell. If you’re a freelancer, do a sample project for free to show off your skills. If you’re selling software, offer them a free trial and overwhelm them with the best customer experience of their life.

At LeagueSide, our sales process uses a lot of these techniques:

  1. Ask questions and listen – Our first call is all about listening. Our general rule is if we aren’t listening 80% of the time, then we’re doing it wrong. First, we make sure youth sports sponsorships are a good fit for our customer and confirm that we can deliver on exactly what they want. We then learn more about their marketing objectives, target demographics, and key regions, so we can provide sponsorship opportunities that are a perfect fit.
  2. Handle objections – Youth sports sponsorships are a completely new medium of grassroots marketing for a lot of these brands. Many brands worry that it will not be an effective marketing channel for them. We immediately address these concerns with numerous reports and case studies showing that youth sports sponsorships are almost 4 times as effective as pro sports sponsorships. That’s extremely powerful for brands to see and demonstrates that they are not just helping the community, but also getting a ROI on their sponsorship.
  3. Sell by doing – After we have a grasp on our customer’s needs, we prepare extensive proposals so brands can visualize what each campaign will look like. We go above and beyond with these proposals, which is reflective of the amount of time and effort we put into making sure these sponsorship campaigns are run perfectly.

These are just a couple of ways for us introverts to leverage our strengths when selling. Are you an introvert out there who is a killer seller? I’d love to hear from you.


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