When I lived in New Orleans, I discovered that there was a huge inefficiency in the rental market, specifically related to pricing. Landlords would either overprice their property and be unable to attract tenants, or they would underprice it because they weren’t keeping up with real estate trends in the area. After conducting extensive customer interviews, we decided to build Firstplace as a SotoLabs internal company.

Firstplace is a bidding platform for rental properties (think Ebay for rentals) that determines the fair market value of a rental property through an online auction. We turned this into a complete property management tool by including other features including a two-click scheduling tool and an online rental payment system.

Our development stack was Angular.js, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, and MongoDB.


What happened to Firstplace?

We sold the company to after I decided to go full-time on LeagueSide.

Firstplace bidding